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Sound Recording USB Flash Drive Has Me Suspiciously Eyeing A Mountain Of CES Press Kits

Sound Recording USB Flash Drive (Images courtesy Amazon)
By Andrew Liszewski

So we returned from CES this year with around 180GBs of USB flash drives, mostly from press kits and the like. But now paranoia has me suspiciously eyeing that bag of drives, wondering which ones might be recording my conversations, since a few of them look exactly like this little invasion of privacy. It’s got 2GB of internal memory, but more importantly, a built-in mic capable of recording any and all audio in a 16-foot radius at the flick of a switch.

It captures directly to WAV files giving you about 4 1/2 hours of continuous recording, and of course charging the drive and/or recovering the recordings is accomplished by connecting it to your PC via the USB connector. It’s not the most elaborate piece of spygear we’ve ever covered, but to be honest I think it’s one that people will least suspect. And it’s just $19.99 available from Amazon.

[ Amazon – 2GB Flash Drive Memory Spy Audio Digital Voice Sound Record Recorder ] VIA [ Coolest Gadgets ]

  • Elton Sites

    Awesome piece of gadget. Nobody will ever suspect that you are recording your conversation, even if you put it on the table. And for that 16 foot range, the microphone is very powerful. Would like to have this one on my list.

  • Tannim

    Link doesn't work, guys.