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LaCie’s Stylish 4GB Galet Flash Drive – Just $150

LaCie’s Stylish 4GB Galet Flash Drive – Just $150

LaCie Galet (Image courtesy LaCie)
By Andrew Liszewski

LaCie recently teamed up with French luxury brand Christofle and their new Galet USB flash drive is the result of that partnership. Hand-crafted in France from precious silver the Galet is supposed to be a luxury accessory like a fine pen or a designer watch, and as such it has a luxurious ~$150 (£94.99) price tag to match. It’s a little hard to fathom why anyone would drop that much money on just 4GB of storage that isn’t some obscenely fast SSD, but LaCie has always been known for their high-design storage solutions, and I’m sure they won’t have much trouble finding willing buyers for this one.

[ SlashGear – LaCie Galet by Christofle is just in time for a geeky Valentine’s ]


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