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SANYO’s New Ultra-Short Throw Projector Enables Interactivity On Any Projection Surface

SANYO’s New Ultra-Short Throw Projector Enables Interactivity On Any Projection Surface

SANYO PLC-WL2503 (Image courtesy SANYO)
By Andrew Liszewski

Today SANYO announced their excitingly-named PLC-WL2503 ultra-short throw projector which allows for interactivity on any surface, no longer requiring a dedicated whiteboard full of sensors. Instead, a camera module located on the front of the projector is able to determine the location of the included IR transmitter-equipped pen or pointer used by the presenter when they press on the projected surface. This positional data is transmitted back to the PC via a USB connection on the projector, allowing them to interact with what’s being presented.

As for the projector’s other deets: It’s able to project an 80-inch, XGA (1280×800) resolution image from a distance of just 34 inches from a wall. Which not only makes it ideal for small spaces, but it also allows presenters to stand in front of the projection without having to constantly look into the blinding beam. And since it’s designed to be used so close to a wall, its 2500 lumens should produce a particularly bright image. Other notable feathers in the PLC-WL2503’s cap include full networking for remote monitoring and operation, an easy on/off function which powers on the projector as soon as it’s plugged in, and a late January price tag of $1695.99.

[ SANYO PLC-WL2503 Ultra-Short Throw Interactive Projector ]

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    So is this a similar technology to the Xbox Kinect? Sounds pretty awesome and honestly the price isn't as bas as I thought it would be.

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