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Lunchtime Clock Adds A Few Extra Minutes To Your Break

By Chris Scott Barr

Ah, lunchtime. It’s that period of time during the week where you can stop working for a while and relax. Grab a little food, maybe catch up on some reading or surfing the net. Unfortunately it never seems to last long enough. One hacker decided to solve this problem by putting together a clock that speeds up just before noon, and slows down a little before 1.

This serves to give you 12 extra minutes of your lunch break each day, or a full hour over the course of a week. A clever hack, indeed. Unfortunately unless this is the clock sitting in your boss’s office (and you don’t have to punch out for your break) it’s pretty useless. You’ll just end up being that guy that spends too much time on lunch. If you feel like making your own, you can find out how over at Instructables.

[ Instructables ] VIA [ Gizmodo ]