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This ‘Just A Loop’ Cord Is The Simplest iPhone Case You’re Ever Going To Find

This ‘Just A Loop’ Cord Is The Simplest iPhone Case You’re Ever Going To Find

Just a Loop iPhone Case (Images courtesy Konstantin Leonenko)
By Andrew Liszewski

If minimalism is your thing, but you’d still like a tiny bit of extra insurance for your iPhone, you’re not going to find a simpler case than the ‘Just a Loop’ which is quite literally just a black elastic loop. For ~$13 (€10) you actually get 4 of them, which can be wrapped around any of the iPhone models (it’s engineered to be completely backwards compatible) providing a simple bumper so there’s less risk of scratching when you set it down.

Oddly enough it’s from the same inventor, Konstantin Leonenko, who created the World’s Tiniest Drill from a year or so ago. But I suspect this venture could be a bit more profitable for him. Unless someone manages to crack his revolutionary manufacturing techniques for creating elastic loops, but that seems improbable.

Update: Konstantin Leonenko has gotten in touch with us with a correction. It turns out the ‘Just a Loop’ cords are not actually made from an elastic material at all, since they would slip off the phone too easily. Instead, they’re made from a more rigid material to always ensure a tight fit. If you’d like to see them actually being installed on an iPhone, please check out this video demonstration.

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