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House Of Cards Table Is Hopefully A Bit More Stable Than A… Well, You Know

House Of Cards Table (Images courtesy Felipe Morozini)
By Andrew Liszewski

It looks like it’s ready to collapse from little more than a napkin’s weight, but designer Mauricio Arruda’s House Of Cards table is actually able to support up to 550lbs. That’s because those 13:1 scale oversized playing cards are actually made from laser cut 4mm steel plates that are all individually printed to resemble real playing cards. And like with a real house of cards the plates are randomly drawn from a large pile so that each table is composed of a unique set of cards. But instead of relying on gravity and holding your breath to keep it standing, these cards are welded together.

[ Mauricio Arruda’s House Of Cards Table ] VIA [ Yatzer ]

  • Randy Addison

    If these are true oversized paper playing cards, this won’t hold the weight but since it is steel plates, which should do the trick. Very minimalist design.

  • Eric de Jesus

    It scared me a bit when I saw the house of cards holding up the glass table. I like the design. If you're an artsie type, this would be a great addition to your furniture right?
    I can't say I'll be one of those people that would want one because I like my place to have majority colors of black, white and chrome.