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Augmented Reality TagCandy

Augmented Reality TagCandy

Augmented Reality TagCandy (Image courtesy DigInfoTV)
By Andrew Liszewski

Like the engineering students behind yesterday’s AutoFrost Cake Decorator, Japanese researchers at Keio University’s Yasuaki Kakehi Laboratory have come to realize there’s far more important research to undertake than say cloning sheep. Instead, they’re improving candy using augmented reality. Their TagCandy system uses an actual sucker attached to a fairly hefty sensor/speaker device. When it detects the candy has touched your tongue, the vibration speaker kicks in and is able to recreate various physical effects in your mouth like drinking a fizzy carbonated drink, biting into a crisp apple, or even fireworks. And when your teeth touch the candy, you’ll even hear sounds thanks to the effects of bone conduction.

Their ultimate goal is to develop a system where a neutral flavored sucker could end up tasting like anything you’d want it to, with people even developing and sharing their own flavors online.

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