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NZXT Bunker Keeps Your Mouse And Keyboard Secure

NZXT Bunker Keeps Your Mouse And Keyboard Secure

By Chris Scott Barr

When it comes to your desktop, you rarely worry about having your keyboard and mouse stolen. After all, your desktop doesn’t often move from your desk, does it? If you’re a gamer who attends LAN parties, then you might be one of the few that does have to worry about your peripherals running off, and there’s a good chance that you don’t stick to the cheap stuff either. That’s why you need the Bunker.

This device is installed in one of your 5.25” bays and gives you four USB ports. What makes it different is that there is a door that swings shut over the ports, and locking. There is just enough room for your cable to stick out, but not for the plug to come through. This keeps your fancy gaming keyboard and mouse securely in place. For $25, it’s a must-have for LAN party-goers.

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