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AutoFrost Cake Decorator – Today’s Engineering Students Definitely Have Their Priorities Straight

AutoFrost Cake Decorator (Image courtesy Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering)
By Andrew Liszewski

The world already has enough electric cars at this point, so I’m happy to see a group of engineering students from the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering tackling another important issue- cake decorating. Their AutoFrost machine, created for their Principles of Engineering class, is a 3-axis cake decorator designed to replicate a design created in a custom graphical UI onto a cake using an Arduino-controlled frosting plunger. A second Arduino unit controls the bed the cake sits on, moving it along its X and Y axis, allowing the custom designs to be drawn out.

I doubt the students have any intentions of taking the AutoFrost any farther, but if one of them manages to improve the machine so it does all the baking and prep work as well, they’re guaranteed at least one sale here. Actually make that two, I could always use a second in the bedroom.

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