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Motorola R331 Rechargeable Remote With Find Function

Motorola R331 Rechargeable Remote With Find Function

Motorola R331 Rechargeable Remote (Image courtesy Motorola)
By Andrew Liszewski

With Motorola’s R331 rechargeable remote you’ll never have to search for replacement batteries, or even the remote itself, ever again. It comes with a dock for charging its internal battery, so every once in a while you just need to remember to use it to keep the remote working. And if your remote has gone MIA in the living room or wherever you use it, the dock has an audible find function making it easy to locate as long as it hasn’t left your home. The R331 is designed to be a replacement for the standard remote included with Motorola’s VIP Set-top box.

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  • Stephen B | InventionAddict

    Why? Logitech Harmony is the way to go.

    I worked for Motorola for 13 years, they just don't get it.

  • Michael Stilmant

    and the docking seems not clever. not designed. and I prefer replacing batteries and not seeing that in my room…

  • iannick

    Pity it is only render

  • iannick

    Pity it is only render

  • Bill Binns

    Why, why why does every remote not come with an audible find function? My piece of crap $20.00 Uniden wireless phone has this functionality but my $200.00 Harmony remote does not.

    This should have been invented the day after the remote was. I have to believe that the tech companies get thousands of requests a year for this. Whats the problem?