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Just Mobile’s Chunky AluPen iPad Stylus

Just Mobile’s Chunky AluPen iPad Stylus

Just Mobile's Chunky AluPen iPad Stylus (Image property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

Wandering around the iPod/iPhone/iPad accessory neighborhood of CES I came across this chunky looking touchscreen-friendly stylus that caught me eye. It reminded me of the thick crayons and fat Crayola markers I use to use in grade school, but since it’s made of brushed aluminum I doubt it would pass the ‘kid-friendly’ test these days. But from time to time I’ve pondered taking the iPad for a spin with a stylus, and the soft rubber tip of the AluPen and its overall design put it at the top of my list for possible contenders. It’s also available in black, blue, gold, green and red, for $24.95.

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