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[CES 2011] Don’t Worry PS3 Bowling Fanatics, CTA Digital Hasn’t Forgotten You

CTA Digital PS3 Bowling Ball (Image property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

Looking like some giant, creepy, glowing eyeball plucked from one of Michael Bay’s Transformers abominations, CTA Digital’s PlayStation Move compatible bowling ball accessory makes playing motion-based bowling games on the PS3 extra embarrassing. You may remember the company’s first bowling game accessory was released for the Wii a couple of years ago, and now that the other consoles have caught up in terms of motion-based gaming, we can expect to see a lot more accessories like this that were once Wii exclusives. Hooray right? Available sometime in the end of Q1, pricing TBA.

[ CTA Digital ]

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