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[CES 2011] This Is How The House Of Gaga Re-envisioned The Polaroid Camera

Polaroid GL30 Instant Digital Camera (Images property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

A while ago Polaroid appointed Lady Gaga their Creative Director and at CES this year we’re finally starting to see the fruits of that collaboration. One of the big reveals at their booth, by Lady Gaga herself, was the Polaroid GL30 seen behind glass above. Like the original Polaroids the GL30 is able to spit out actual printed photos thanks to the company’s instant next generation ZINK technology. And while at first glance its design appears to be a retro homage to the Polaroid cameras of yesteryear, it’s size is probably more a result of needing somewhere to store that ZINK printer.

But as a result of its overall size one of the GL30’s other striking features is an incredibly generously-sized LCD display which makes sharing photos with a group of friends a bit more feasible. And taking a cue from the popularity of the iPhone’s Hipstamatic app, the GL30 also includes a number of filters and borders to make your prints look unique… just like everyone else’s. Available later this year, pricing TBA.

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