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[CES 2011] Dynamics’ MultiAccount Credit Cards

[CES 2011] Dynamics’ MultiAccount Credit Cards

Dynamics' MultiAccount Credit Cards (Images property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ve already made my disdain for large wallets well-known, but another approach to minimizing the amount of crap in your pockets is to minimize the number of cards you have to carry. Dynamics Inc.’s MultiAccount credit cards do that by conglomerating several accounts onto a single card, allowing you to select which one you want to use at the time of purchase. The selected account has a small blinking light next to it so you know which one’s active, and the pertinent details are written to the magnetic stripe on the back automatically so you can swipe it like a normal credit card.

The cards, which are apparently already in use in the U.S., have a built-in battery that’s good for about 4 years of regular use, but if you spend too much time showing it off to friends, it will automatically let the bank or credit provider know the batteries are low and the card needs to be replaced. The company also had a few other cards on display that are still ‘coming soon’ like the Dynamic Credit Card pictured above which has a small e-ink display for displaying a unique security code that has to be entered at the time of every purchase.

[ Dynamics’ MultiAccount Credit Cards ]


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