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[CES 2011] Kodak’s PYNK Smart Print System Makes Creating Photo Collages A Breeze For The Craftily Challenged

Kodak PYNK Smart Print System (Image property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

Getting one of those multi-image matte board photo frames to look as good as the photos of the included sample family do can be difficult if your craft-fu is lacking. So Kodak has introduced their PYNK Smart Print System which takes the cutting, resizing and pasting photos steps out of the equation. You have your choice of one of eight different frames that include a pre-cut matte board, and a unique identifying barcode on the back.

Once you scan the barcode at a PYNK-compatible Kodak printing station you then upload and specify which of your photos will appear in each of the holes. Obviously the number of photos needed, and their size and layout, depends on the frame you selected. But everything can be easily tweaked and adjusted at the kiosk. When you’re happy with the results a single photo of your collage will be printed out which can then be inserted into the frame, creating the illusion you’ve got some excellent crating skills.

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