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[CES 2011] Hey RCA, How’s That Airnergy WiFi Charger Coming Along? Oh, No Where To Be Seen? What A Surprise…

RCA's CES2011 Booth (Image property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

At last year’s CES RCA was showing off a prototype of a revolutionary charger called the Airnergy which in essence harvested wifi energy out of the air to charge a battery, which in turn could be used to top off your gadgets. The story generated quite a few comments, and most of you felt the idea was impossible, and too good to be true. So this year we made a point to follow-up on the Airnergy technology to see how far it had progressed a year later. Disappointingly, but not surprisingly. it was no where to be seen at RCA’s booth, and according to them, the Airnergy concept is as good as dead. What a shocker…

[ [CES 2010] RCA Airnergy Charger Harvests Electricity From WiFi Signals ]

  • MagicWuff

    I remember that frm last year, it was exciting to think about, but I thought there just wasn't enough energy to make it work. Oh well :/

  • Gary Petersen

    It was in the awards showcase at this year’s CES. I asked about it in the RCA booth and they said they had submitted it for the awards ahead of the show but that they were still tweaking it, so they weren’t showing it at the show. Very peculiar – and just adds to the smell of snake oil that surrounds the non-product.

  • Spiff

    Ya was in the awards showcase. They also added a solar panel to it lol and redesigned the case a third time. Weird that it could be vaporware but still awarded an innovation award

  • wpenni

    I've been trying to find any reference to the RCA AirPower (a.k.a. Airnergy) at the 2011 CES with no luck, except for this reference:

    It looks like the RCA AirPower won a 2011 Innovations Honorees award in the category of Portable Power. They did, however add solar cells, so it may actually be able to charge if you leave it in the light.