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Toast Strips Stamper Does Exactly What You Think It Does

Toast Strips Stamper Does Exactly What You Think It Does

By Chris Scott Barr

Does anyone remember those French toast sticks that were not only delicious, but mighty convenient? Well, here is a way to turn your toast into toast sticks!

Yes, I will admit this is not the most technologically-advanced or life-changing product, but if I have the option for crust-free strips of toast, you better believe I will take it. Toast is one of the most awesome foods ever, but sometimes, changing up the way you eat it is important. All you have to do is use the toast strips stamper on untoasted bread, and when it’s toasted, they will come apart easy-peasy. Though it was designed for toast, it has a myriad of other uses as well. Crust-less peanut bitter and jelly mini-sandwiches and even French toast sticks to name a few. Definitely a good buy for parents with kids, as we all know how much kids love the crust. If you’re skeptical about a buy like this, keep in mind it’s only $3.99, so you won’t get shot for making this purchase.

[ PerpetualKid ] VIA [ CoolestGadgets ]