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[CES 2011] Sculpted eers Custom Molded Earphones You Can Make Yourself In Just 4 Minutes

[CES 2011] Sculpted eers Custom Molded Earphones You Can Make Yourself In Just 4 Minutes

Sonofit PCS-100 Custom Molded Earphones (Images property OhGizmo! & Sonomax)
By Andrew Liszewski

Outside of musicians, performers and audiophiles, there hasn’t really been a push to get custom-fitted earphones into consumer’s hands. Yes, there are services that will make them for you, and they don’t quite cost a king’s ransom. But the process is complicated requiring you to make a mold of your ear by yourself, or visit someone who will do it for you. And that’s the part of the process that a Montreal-based company called Sonomax is trying to eliminate.

While you won’t be able to run out to the store and buy them anytime soon, today the company was showing off their Sculpted eers custom molded earphone system which can be made by anyone, by themselves, in just 4 minutes. The process looks fairly simple and straightforward too. The default silicone tips on the earphones are very soft and can be inflated like a balloon, but instead of pumping them full of air the headband fills them with a soft solution that fills your ear canal. So when they solidify after 4 minutes you’re left with a perfect fitting pair of custom earphones which provide better sound isolation than even the most expensive generic pairs you can buy.

[ Sonomax Sculpted eers Custom Molded Earphones ]

  • echezeaux

    You could just buy food grade two part silicone putty and make the inserts for less than 25 cents a pair.

  • Pike2009

    As a Doctor in the medical profession, I am sickened by your comment. Implying that someone can do this themselves is irresponsible, dangerous, and completely false!

  • Pike2009

    Just finished reading up on this product and it looks very unique and impressive. I think I'll look at getting a pair for the gym!