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[CES 2011] Black & Decker’s Vertical iShred

[CES 2011] Black & Decker’s Vertical iShred

Black & Decker BD-VS600 (Images property OhGizmo!)
By Andrew Liszewski

Who knew that paper shredders could be a thing of beauty? CES 2011 is officially underway, and one of the first things to catch our eye at CES Unveiled was Black & Decker’s new iShred paper shredder. Besides sporting a retro-futuristic design with a glossy white plastic finish, the shredding slot is located on the front in a vertical orientation, which as far as I can tell only serves to keep the whole thing slim.

It’s a cross-cut shredder so all of your private docs end up as little bits of confetti, and everything falls into an easily accessible bin on the bottom which is contoured towards the top making it easier to empty without spilling little bits of paper. The size of the shredder makes me think it’s better suited to larger office environments rather than the home, but since the shredding head is fully enclosed you won’t have to worry about anyone, like little kids, from accidentally getting hurt. $99.99, available now in select stores.

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