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Picnicc TV Tray Designed For The 21st Century Sloth

Picnicc TV Tray Designed For The 21st Century Sloth

Picnicc TV Tray (Image courtesy uutensil)
By Andrew Liszewski

With more and more of our time being spent in front of a display of one form or another, it’s about time that someone set their design expertise on upgrading the lowly, but oh so necessary, TV tray. And üutensil, makers of the Autonomous Saucier we brought you early last year, have done just that with their Picnicc tray.

Keeping with their policy of randomly doubling letters in pre-existing words, üutensil’s Picnicc features a cut-out cup holder at the top, contoured indents for keeping side dishes and plates in place, and a hidden magnet underneath designed to keep cutlery from sliding off onto the floor. And it’s done in a way that makes the Picnicc look very 21st century and modern. So when using it you’ll feel more like a futuristic space traveler than someone who was too lazy to clean off their dining table. Coming soon!

[ Picnicc TV Tray ] VIA [ InventorSpot ]

  • Michael Real

    The design sure looks so futuristic but It looks more like an ordinary tray in terms of use. For people who wants to eat in front of a display (TV or desktop monitor), they need a more robust tray which can hold a bowl.