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Fling Gives You A Physical Joystick For Your iPad

I love my iPad, as it has a wide variety of uses. Unfortunately one of the things I don’t enjoy as much as I’d hoped is playing games on it. The screen is the perfect size for gaming, but the lack of any real ability to have physical controls is annoying. Yes, the same holds true for the iPhone, but for some reason it seems a bigger problem on the larger screen. Thankfully the people at Ten One Designs have a simple solution.

The Fling is a joystick that attaches to your iPad screen using a pair of suction cups. The joystick itself is made from a conductive material that allows it to be used on the touchscreen. It’s a clever way to get around an annoying issue. I’d still rather be able to plug in a real controller of some sort, but that seems like too much to ask. But for $25, I wouldn’t mind getting one of these.

[ TenOne ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]