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Escali Track & Target Digital Scale

Escali Track & Target Digital Scale

Escali Track & Target Digital Scale (Image courtesy Escali)
By Andrew Liszewski

Another new year is upon us, and now’s the time to strike when you’re gung-ho about tackling all those new year’s resolutions before they’re completely forgotten by Martin Luther King Day. Of course shedding those Christmas pounds is always at the top of most people’s lists, and Escali’s Track & Target scale is a nice option for keeping your eyes on the lean and trim prize.

For the most part it’s your standard, stylish glass panel bathroom scale, but it lets up to 4 users input a target weight, and it will keep track of their progress every time they step on it. The LCD display not only shows your current weight, but also reminds you of your target and tells you how much you’ve gained or lost since you last stepped on, and how far you’ve still got to go. It’s $64.95 which isn’t terribly expensive for a somewhat high-tech scale, and if the simple motivation it provides keeps you working towards your goal well into the new year, then it’s definitely worth it.

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