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Moleskine Authentics Pen Clip

Moleskine Authentics Pen Clip

Moleskine Authentics Pen Clip (Images courtesy Connox)
By Andrew Liszewski

With CES quite literally just around the corner we’ll be bringing you a glut of shiny new tech over the next week, so today we figured a bit of low-techery wouldn’t hurt. This simple metal pen clip from Authentics is designed to slide down the spine of a Moleskine notebook providing a way to always have a pen or pencil handy. As someone who’s yet to give up on a pen and paper planner, I think it’s brilliantly simple, and I wish I had one for CES. It’s available from the Connox Living Design Shop for ~$13 (€9.90) for the small version, and ~$17 (€12.90) for the larger, and both are available in a polished chrome or matte finish.

[ Moleskine Authentics Pen Clip ] VIA [ The Gadgeteer ]