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Hide & Seek Safari Jr.

Hide & Seek Safari Jr.

Hide & Seek Safari (Images courtesy R&R Games)
By Andrew Liszewski

Playing hide and seek with your kids is a fun pastime, unless they’re not so great with the finding part, leaving you stuck in a closet or trapped behind a couch for hours on end. If that’s the case these plush Hide & Seek Safari Jr. animals should be a big help. They still let you play hide and seek with your kids, but it’s the elephant, lion or monkey who’ll be doing the hiding. You stash it somewhere secret, and then your kids use their electronic wands to hunt them down, so it’s particularly great for kids who are finding-challenged.

The animals communicate with the wand via high-frequency sounds (out of the range of human hearing) instead of RF, and the wand features a set of LEDs that will light up in sequence as they get closer to them. Both the wand and the animals will also make sounds when they’re particularly close to each other, making the finding part even easier. The plush ‘Jr.’ versions of Hide & Seek Safari pictured above are $34.95 and are designed for younger children, while versions with small plastic figurines for older kids run the same price.

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