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Dyson DC35 Multi Floor

Dyson DC35 Multi Floor

Dyson DC35 Multi Floor (Images courtesy Dyson)
By Andrew Liszewski

With their new DC35 model, Dyson has made their hand vacs infinitely more usable and flexible with the addition of a detachable long reach wand and a motorized cleaning head. What you end up with is a fairly capable compact vacuum boasting Dyson’s innovative suction technology, and the only reason I’d still suggest going with a full-sized model is the DC35’s limited battery life. While it may suck in a good way, you can only expect to get about 15 minutes of cleaning done before it needs a recharge, or as little as 6 minutes if you kick in the turbo setting. Availability in the U.S. is still a little vague, though Best Buy does list it available for pre-order for $299.99.

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