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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Hammock-Inspired Vessel Tub Seems Like A Great Idea

Hammock-Inspired Vessel Tub (Image courtesy Splinter Works)
By Andrew Liszewski

Like the ridiculously over-the-top outfits you see modeled on the catwalks at fashion shows, the ‘functional sculpture’ designs of Guildford-based Splinter Works (located just south of London) are supposed to push the boundaries of everyday household objects and furniture.

Their Vessel design in particular caught my attention since it supposedly uses carbon fiber, stainless steel and even gold leaf to create a bathtub that looks like a hanging hammock. Now remembering my own experiences with hammocks I can’t think of a more stable platform for holding a large volume of water while attempting to bathe yourself. To be honest I have my doubts this actually exists anywhere, even though the Splinter Works website does list it as being an “edition of twelve.”

[ Splinter Works Hammock-Inspired Vessel Tub ] VIA [ Design Milk ]

Unholy Mashup Of A Game Boy, An HTC Android Phone And A Fake White iPhone 4 Is The Must-Have Convergence Device Of 2011

Game Boy Android iPhone 4 (Images courtesy Goteking)
By Andrew Liszewski

Forget about whatever’s going to be revealed at CES next week, we’ve already found the must-have convergence device for 2011. For no other reason than it was obviously the right thing to do, modder ‘goteking‘ created this, um, useful mashup of an HTC Android phone, the shell of a Game Boy Pocket and a fake white iPhone 4 that’s been enhanced with a an internal set of LEDs that show through the housing as they light up to display messages and animations. Sounds pointless right? Well this video of it in action will 100% confirm that.

Obviously you can’t put a price tag on such innovation, but if you check out goteking’s site I’m sue you can glean all the materials necessary to build your own.

[ Goteking – Game Boy + HTC Android + iPhone 4 Mashup ] VIA [ Tiny Cartridge ]

I Am Rich App Hits Windows Phone 7

By Chris Scott Barr

A couple of years ago, headlines were made about an iPhone app called I Am Rich. This $999 piece of software did nothing but display an image of a jewel on your phone. The point? To let everyone know that you have entirely too much money. The app was pulled not terribly long after, and we thought it was gone for good. Well it seems that the person responsible felt the need to revisit the idea, this time on Windows Phone 7.

That’s right, now you can show all of your friends just how stupid you really are. Unfortunately you’re not allowed to blow $999 on it. You’ll only be given the chance to shell out $499 this time around. Maybe if you’re really lucky, you can trick it into letting you purchase the software twice. Or maybe you can just buy a second phone, buy the app, then put it in a blender.

[ Zune Store ] VIA [ Pocket Lint ]

Deal Of The Day: At Least $389 Off On ThinkPad L412 14-in Laptop

By David Ponce

Coming off yesterday’s slightly uninspiring deal, today we have something better. Lenovo is already taking $346 off their ThinkPad L412 Core i3 and Core i5 line, and today you can add an additional 10% off. So for the Core i3 deal, you get a 14 inch ThinkPad that usually retails for $975 at $566 after $389 in rebates. That’s 39% off, while the Core i5 model gives you $414 in total rebates or about 41%.

Available for online customization and optional upgrades include Core i5, Fingerprint Reader, 2-Megapixel Webcam, 9-cell battery, Bluetooth and more. The ThinkPad L412 is considered one of the “greenest” laptops available.

[ At Least $389 Off On ThinkPad L412 14-in Laptop ] VIA [ LogicBuy ]

Romain Jerome Creates Another Watch You Probably Don’t Want Or Can’t Afford – The Steampunk

Romain Jerome's Steampunk (Image courtesy Romain Jerome)
By Andrew Liszewski

Striking while the iron’s hot, Romain Jerome’s latest timepiece embraces the steampunk trend at the height of its popularity. Cleverly named the ‘Steampunk’ the watch appears to be part of the company’s Titanic DNA line since the oxidized bezel is made from steel from the actual wreckage of the ship, and materials supplied by the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast where the Titanic was built.

Like with the company’s previous timepieces there are also details throughout the watch tying it back to the Titanic like the tiny ship’s propeller located on the left side of the face. And once again Romain Jerome hasn’t posted any pricing info, though like with their original Titanic model the Steampunk will only be available in a limited run of 2,012 pieces since 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the ocean liner.

[ Press – Romain Jerome ] VIA [ aBlogtoRead ]

Caoon DSLR MP3 Player & Speaker Knows How To Properly Skirt The Law

Caoon DSLR MP3 Player & Speaker (Images courtesy Gadget4all)
By Andrew Liszewski

Unlike the makers of that Canon EOS 350D savings bank, the makers of this DSLR-themed speaker and MP3 player don’t have to worry about any legal repercussions from Canon since they’ve cleverly named their device the ‘Caoon’. Even though it’s a perfect replica of one of the company’s DSLRs.

Well perfect except that instead of taking pictures (or storing pocket change) it serves as an external speaker for any device connected to its 3.5mm audio port, or as an MP3 player loading content from an SD card or USB flash drive. The buttons to the left of the display on the back have even been re-appropriated as playback controls, and because it’s a bit more high-tech than that bank, it will set you back $82.99.

[ Caoon DSLR MP3Player & Speaker ] VIA [ GeekAlerts ]

Canon DSLR Bank Makes It Easier To Save Up For New Gear

Canon DSLR Bank (Images courtesy Gadget4all)
By Andrew Liszewski

While the prices of entry-level DSLRs have dropped significantly over the years, they’re still not quite an impulse buy. And if photography doesn’t pay your bills you probably don’t already have a camera or lens budget, but saving up for new gear with this DSLR-themed bank should be easy as it helps to keep your eye on the prize. It’s apparently the same size as a real Canon EOS 350D, and the 77mm lens includes a slot on top for accepting coins or well folded paper currency. And instead of taking a hammer to it to make a withdrawal, the lens simply screws off for easy access to its contents. Just keep in mind the bank itself will set your real DSLR savings back $29.90.

[ Canon DSLR Bank ] VIA [ Rock ‘N Tech ]

Deal Of The Day: $10 Off On Apple TV

By David Ponce

There are deals where you save a bundle, and then there are deals where you just, well… you just save. It’s one of those situations where you have to say to yourself: “I could either buy this full price at the Apple store, or I could save $10 for the same product by buying it like this.” Of course, it’s not that simple as shipping is only free on orders over $99, so the savings really only kick in if you’re in the market for an Apple TV and whatever else might be available at MacConnection (the retailer offering the rebate in this case) since this rebate puts the device at $89. Still, you never know, this actually might be your situation.

A little on the Apple TV:

It’s 80% smaller than the previous generation, for one. Also, Apple TV has built-in HDMI, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Ethernet, built-in IR receiver, Optical Audio and Micro-USB. As it doesn’t have offer any built-in storage, it relies entirely upon streaming rentals from iTunes. HD movies start at $3.99 and commercial-free TV shows are just 99¢ per episode. Apple TV also streams content from Netflix, YouTube, Flickr and MobileMe, as well as music, photos and videos from PCs and Macs to your HD TV.

[ Apple TV ] VIA [ LogicBuy ]

Martin Hudepohl’s ‘Badass LEGO Guns’

Martin Hudepohl's 'Badass LEGO Guns' Book (Image courtesy O'Reilly)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m pretty sure the title of Martin Hudepohl’s new LEGO book says it all when it comes to what kind of models you’ll be building. Like Forbidden LEGO which we brought you a few years ago, Badass LEGO Guns lets you build a small arsenal of LEGO-based weaponry, except that they’re… you know… more badass. The 240 page book contains complete instructions for 5 different weapons described below, and besides patience you’ll also need a robust supply of LEGO Technic pieces to put them together.

Thriller – A powerful crossbow pistol with smooth cocking and chambering mechanisms.
Parabella – A pint-sized, rubber-band shooting marvel.
The Warbeast – A sophisticated, fully-automatic bullpup submachine gun.
Liliputt – A semi-automatic pistol with a nine-brick magazine.
Mini-Thriller – A folding crossbow pistol.

Badass LEGO Guns is available directly from O’Reilly for $29.95, or just $17.97 if you buy it from Amazon instead.

[ Martin Hudepohl’s ‘Badass LEGO Guns’ ] VIA [ Nerd Approved ]