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Caoon DSLR MP3 Player & Speaker Knows How To Properly Skirt The Law

Caoon DSLR MP3 Player & Speaker (Images courtesy Gadget4all)
By Andrew Liszewski

Unlike the makers of that Canon EOS 350D savings bank, the makers of this DSLR-themed speaker and MP3 player don’t have to worry about any legal repercussions from Canon since they’ve cleverly named their device the ‘Caoon’. Even though it’s a perfect replica of one of the company’s DSLRs.

Well perfect except that instead of taking pictures (or storing pocket change) it serves as an external speaker for any device connected to its 3.5mm audio port, or as an MP3 player loading content from an SD card or USB flash drive. The buttons to the left of the display on the back have even been re-appropriated as playback controls, and because it’s a bit more high-tech than that bank, it will set you back $82.99.

[ Caoon DSLR MP3Player & Speaker ] VIA [ GeekAlerts ]

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