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Canon DSLR Bank Makes It Easier To Save Up For New Gear

Canon DSLR Bank (Images courtesy Gadget4all)
By Andrew Liszewski

While the prices of entry-level DSLRs have dropped significantly over the years, they’re still not quite an impulse buy. And if photography doesn’t pay your bills you probably don’t already have a camera or lens budget, but saving up for new gear with this DSLR-themed bank should be easy as it helps to keep your eye on the prize. It’s apparently the same size as a real Canon EOS 350D, and the 77mm lens includes a slot on top for accepting coins or well folded paper currency. And instead of taking a hammer to it to make a withdrawal, the lens simply screws off for easy access to its contents. Just keep in mind the bank itself will set your real DSLR savings back $29.90.

[ Canon DSLR Bank ] VIA [ Rock ‘N Tech ]

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