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Bubble Wrap Backed Ties – Another Office Distraction

Bubble Wrap Backed Ties – Another Office Distraction

Bubble Wrap Backed Ties (Image courtesy MicroWorks Web)
By Andrew Liszewski

You’d think the internet and smartphones would be enough of a distraction for the modern cubicle jockey, but successfully killing 9-to-5 every day is almost a career in and of itself. So today we bring you yet another mindless distraction that should occupy your mind for at least a couple of minutes. This set of black ties are backed with bubble wrap, and if I have to explain why that’s a good thing then you’ve clearly missed out on some important life experiences. Namely popping bubble wrap. Sadly though the ties aren’t actually available for sale, and since they appear to be dated back to 2008, there obviously hasn’t been much demand to make them a reality.

[ Break Tiem ] VIA [ Wholly’s Blog ]

  • Eric de Jesus

    lol I laughed hard just looking at this. I wish I could've bought one before so I can pop some bubble wraps at the office while doing nothing. The smartphones of today can't even compare to a BUBBLE WRAP TIE.
    Of course it wouldn't sell as much because your office boss would surely be distracted by seeing your tie alone. You got to wonder how he'll react when he sees you “popping your tie”.