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Scruble Cube Scrabble/Rubik’s Mashup

Scruble Cube Scrabble/Rubik’s Mashup

Scruble Cube (Image courtesy RSV Productions)
By Andrew Liszewski

If that Boardgame Remix Kit from a few days ago whet your appetite for breathing new life into all those games collecting dust in your closet, then the Scruble Cube should be right up your alley. It mashes up elements of Scrabble with the classic Rubik’s Cube (in a 4×4 configuration) to create a new spelling challenge that can be played by yourself, or against an opponent.

Like with Scrabble your goal is to get tiles lined up to spell out words with as many points as possible, though unlike Scrabble the tiles are all attached to a spinning 3D cube. If you crunch the numbers there are apparently over 7,401 septillion different combinations of the letters you can play, but what I like most is that when you end the game in absolute frustration you’re not left with loose tiles all over the living room after you’ve flipped the board. At $24.95 the Scruble Cube is a bit pricier than your standard Rubik’s Cube, but at least it improves your vocabulary. The only skill you learn from a Rubik’s Cube is how to carefully peel a sticker without dog-earing the corner.

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