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The Boardgame Remix Kit

The Boardgame Remix Kit

The Boardgame Remix Kit (Images courtesy Hide and Seek Productions Ltd.)
By Andrew Liszewski

After a gigantic meal on Christmas day it’s hard to muster the energy to even leave the table. And that’s why I think boardgames are such a popular pastime during the holidays. But while classics like Monopoly and Clue are infinitely replayable, sometimes you need to mix things up a bit. And that’s where the Boardgame Remix Kit comes in. I’m sure we’ve all fudged the rules to our favorite games to keep things interesting, but this kit includes complete alternate rules for Monopoly, Clue, Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit, 25 game ‘remixes’ in all.

While a printed book copy of the kit is still listed as “Coming Soon”, a set of limited edition cards (which only feature 12 game remixes) is currently available for ~$18.50 (£11.99). Though as of yesterday you won’t be getting them shipped in time for Christmas. Thankfully the kit is also available as an immediately downloadable DRM-free ePub or PDF ebook for ~$4.60 (£2.99) and as an iPhone app for the same price.

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