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Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat Can Handle Whatever Your Christmas Guests Throw At It

Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat (Images courtesy Carbon Fiber Gear)
By Andrew Liszewski

Next to the kitchen and living room, the bathroom is probably the most frequented room in your house during the holidays. And with guests coming and going all day long are you willing to risk using a shoddy plastic toilet seat? I didn’t think so. If you want something that will stand up to the rigors and abuse of post-holiday feasting then carbon fiber is the only way to go. Some might say that $279 is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on a toilet seat, but I suspect they’ve never experienced a seat failure firsthand. Trust me when I say that this carbon fiber alternative is money well spent.

[ Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat ] VIA [ Jalopnik & JYX ]

  • echezeaux

    I want my toilet seat to convey clean, so black is out. (You can use your imagination to understand why.)

  • xdmag

    It's the Bugatti Veyron of toilet seats.

  • oldjan

    Er… anyone ever see how carbon fiber fails? It cracks and splinters… the latter word particularly bothers me when it involves my bare bottom.