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Laser-Etched Bamboo Mario Sprite Set

Laser-Etched Bamboo Mario Sprite Set (Images courtesy Etsy)
By Andrew Liszewski

Magnetic poetry? Screw that! Here’s a cooler way to decorate your fridge/filing cabinet/anything a neodymium magnet will stick to. From Etsy seller Aristomatic comes these sets of laser-etched bamboo magnets that are designed to look like sprites from the original NES version of Super Mario Brothers. Everything from boring old ground blocks to pipes and piranha plants are included, letting you recreate a favorite level, or just go all Shigeru Miyamoto-style and design your own! The large set pictured above will set you back $150, but Aristomatic also has a couple of smaller sets available for about $45-$50 if Christmas shopping has left your credit card maxed out.

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