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Huge Last-Minute Holiday Giveaway!

Huge Last-Minute Holiday Giveaway!

By Chris Scott Barr

Alright guys, you’ve got a big problem, don’t you? It’s less than four days until Christmas, and you’ve not finished your shopping, have you? Wait, you haven’t even started?! Alright, let me think for a minute, surely we can come up with something.

Okay, I’ve done a bit of work between that last paragraph and this one. I’ve rounded up a whole bunch of stuff that your friends and family are going to love. There’s over $1,000 worth of gadgets and whatnots in this bundle. Santa himself couldn’t fetch a better bag of goodies. Don’t believe me? Just take a gander at the list below.

So we’ve got the gifts, now I’ve just got to figure out where they’re going. All you need to do is drop a comment below and tell us why you’re in a bind, and how you’re going to use these gifts. The contest is running until 8am EST tomorrow (Dec. 22). At that time a winner will be selected. This next part is very important, so listen up.

We’ll contact you shortly after 8am EST tomorrow to let you know that you’re the winner. In order to get the prizes to you on time, we have to have your shipping information by no later than noon EST tomorrow. Also, bear in mind that due to shipping times, the contest is only open to those located in the continental US. Good luck!


97 responses to “Huge Last-Minute Holiday Giveaway!”

  1. After 16 long years my marriage just dissolved,
    But it seems that my Christmas shopping problem is solved!
    I’ve 3 little kids, aged 3, 8 and 10,
    And I’ve spent all my Christmas shopping dough on them.
    I went overboard and bought them everything that I could,
    And now I’ve got nothing for friends who have treated me good.
    They have helped me through this very difficult time,
    But on them I can’t spend a nickel or dime.
    If you send me these gifts I won’t keep even one,
    They will go to family and friends for all that they’ve done.
    On Christmas Day you’ll make many dreams come true,
    To I shout a festive “THANK YOU!”

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have no time or $’s to shop for anyone this year much less myself. Gotta keep working while the holiday is giving up the work, but I could find a good home for that Swann PenCam.

  3. Eric Paine says:

    Pick me! This would be the best contest win ever!

  4. Eric Paine says:

    Pick me! I never win contests!

  5. Jason Curtis says:

    With only a 4 days to go, I still haven't found presents for my 18 technophile cousins! I had my list written and checked twice, but then my dog ate it! And then a velociraptor ate my dog! :' | . Help me, OhGizmo!!

  6. Gordon says:

    Looks like I could use all the non-Apple stuff (and the Apple stuff is primarily very similar to what I get in my Tanga Trash and Woot! BOC). Let's hope my info doesn't get stolen like it did on the Gawker sites.

  7. I am in a bind because it is 4 days until Christmas and I have bought NOTHING! I delayed too long this year. Help!!!

  8. helpinghands says:

    Oh please let me win one of these fantastic gadgets. I bow down to you the awesome Tech Gods! I need a gadget fix and Christmas can't come soon enough!

  9. Das says:

    i just went on a road trip to Florida to avoid the flying hassle, and when i was 2 hours away from the hotel at 3am I hit something in the road. I still don't know what it was (as the tires held air for another 50 miles till i stopped for gas, a bit lucky there) but it did $1700 of damage to the car including 2 new rims that were both bent from hitting something the size of a soccer ball. it was a horrendous night and i had to take out a credit card just to pay for all the repairs. Now its almost Christmas and i still have a maxed out brand new credit card. After telling everyone the story i feel they don't expect anything but a card from me now, but it would be nice to surprise them as i already know at least 12 people who come to mind as i look at each of those gifts.

  10. jasedit says:

    I've got a pretty sizeable list of folks whom I've been trying to figure out gifts for, and this would be awesome for helping me come up with ideas. Plus, it's great gift exchange insurance, for those folks who sometimes exchange gifts, and sometimes don't. πŸ™‚

  11. says:

    My father loves tech gadgets and I've yet to buy him anything yet, because nothing has really popped out at me. But the stuff listed here looks great. Congrats to however wins this, looks like some fun stuff!

  12. I've done my Christmas shopping for everyone in the family.So if I won this gift would be from “OhGizmo” to “Me”.I would also probably give away a couple pieces to co workers and friends that I know would use them more than me. Hope I win , but if not Merry Christmas to all!

  13. Jim Esposito says:

    I'm in a bind because I have 1 tech/gadget-oriented future father-in-law left to buy for on my Christmas list, and 17 other tiny parts of my gadget-hungry psyche that will starve next week if they don't get new stimuli, as all of the presents I'm receiving will be dominated by materials like wool, cotton, and blandonium. My skull doesn't suffer from 'death-grip', so it's unlikely a knit cap will increase my 3G reception.

  14. jdocmartin says:

    If I could give these gifts out I would be the Heroine of Heroines!! Each gift would be perfect for someone I care about. And OhGizmo would gain even more fans!! Make me the Santa of the Century

  15. SlySpyder says:

    Honestly if I won this I would give it away to my friends and family because I'm in a giving mood this year. Good luck everyone!

  16. Dee_Kay says:

    Great tech gift list for procrastinators like me. I can definitely use one of these. Good luck to all.

  17. KCtornado says:

    Wow, that is a pretty impressive list of gadgets OhGizmo! I haven't even STARTED my christmas shopping, but the funds are so low I probably won't be able to give to even half the people on my list. I was planning on getting a christmas card and writing a little note of christmas cheer to my family and friends. Going thru a divorce and not getting any help from the father puts a kink in the pocket book, ya know? paying the electric was alot more important.
    Regardless of whether I win or lose, thank you to OhGizmo for doing this!

  18. Shawn Forth says:

    I need them and would use some as gifts and others for myself. I had an unexpected large expense, so I have no more money to spend for xmas. Stupid contacts cost 500 bucks.

  19. I immediately looked at the list and knew exactly who I was giving each one of these to! Seeing that I just graduated college, I really don't have the money to spend on gifts for all my family and friends. Winning something like this would surely brighten my holiday season!

  20. Jake Powell says:

    Wow, some serious stocking stuffers!! That would be amazing to be able to give my family members some solid gifts.

  21. dubzilla says:

    Honestly this Christmas will be the first Christmas that I will be spending with my new girlfriends parents and well basically they don't like me and nothing says I'm good for your daughter like a plethora of gadgetry. Help me OhGiz i live in upstate New York and the winters are cold.

  22. Pete Lisanti says:

    Well my brother and I usually don't exchange gifts, but yesterday he said he got me something, so now I'm stuck.

  23. Chad D says:

    Wow, this is totally a chance to become Santa in my family! We set a $10 limit for gifts this year, but if I win this stuff, I'll be everyone's favorite AND follow the rules!

    Thanks for a great year OhGizmo!

  24. HSpringsteen says:

    I am in a bind because I have 21 nieces and nephews to buy for every year and can never figure out what to get all of them. Please Help!

  25. resiek says:

    I am going to a huge party and I need a present for everyone.

  26. jason says:

    Man, this would really help me out, these are the exact things on my Christmas list. I'll just give them to my wife so she doesn't have to shop for me. It's a win win, she's happy not having to spend a dime on me, and i get a cool Christmans.

  27. Johnnymac4242 says:

    I haven't been able to afford any presents for my family this year (I gave what little spare money I had to the charity Child's Play) so this would make my life much easier.

  28. Max Bauer says:

    i hadn't enough time to buy some presents for my family, because i had to study.
    You'd really help me outta my bind. πŸ™‚

  29. Gianni says:

    β€œWe live in an age when unnecessary things are our only necessities.” Oscar Wilde…

  30. Matt Farmer says:

    I'm a newly married US Army Recruiter with a dughter on the way. ALmost all of my money went to getting the baby's room ready.
    This would definately help with the last few gifts I was unable to get.

  31. jonnyjang says:

    Apologies, but no other commenter is really in a bind compared to my wife and I. Maybe because there's no more room in said bind because it's filled to the brim with our new twin babies, Charlotte and Cameron. You other commenters think you deserve this swag because you have picky in-laws or you were busy studying? Add two headstrong infants demanding your attention with every ounce of their being to whatever activity you're complaining about. All I've done for the past three months is work and take care of the twins and shaking my wife's hand when they coincidentally fall asleep at the same time. And if I don't have time for sleep (purposely not mentioned above), I definitely haven't had time for Christmas shopping. So there's the bind, now you asked what we'd use the gifts for: My wife and I would use the headphones to attempt to catch a nap during our respective “baby breaks”. We'd give the luggage scale to her parents to convince them to fly in to babysit. The pencam would be used to prove to my co-workers that a baby *can* really cry for 90 minutes straight. The mouse would help me be more productive when I'm working from home. iPhone 4 case would go to my wife for being such a trooper. Eco Extreme would thank my dad for late night baby-advice calls. My boss would love the Skitterbot, maybe so much so that she'd forgive the new zombie-brained guy on her team. The desktop charger would be great for all our gadgets. I could bribe fellow coworkers with the various Apple product cases to cover for me the next time I have to leave early. The USB A/V adapter will let me entertain the twins with YouTube videos on our TV. The netTALK would let us show the babies off via videochat. The Video Capture would go to my mom so that she can keep using her beloved (read: ancient) camcorder. The travel alarm clock will be great for power-napping when and where we can, assuming we can hear the alarm through our new headphones/comatose state. The Open It will optimize our new-baby-Christmas-present opening this week. The stylus will help us continue to use our iPhones even if we have various baby fluids on our hands. And the guitar sidekick – well – there's always white elephant parties next year. Come on, OhGizmo – I've cashed in valuable sleeping time to write this post. Help my new family's Christmas wishes come true…zzz

  32. I just got home from school a few days ago and have spent the last couple days decorating the house/making a few home made gifts. Today was my shopping day and it snowed a bunch and my car struggles with the snow! HELP ME OHGIZMO! πŸ˜€

  33. ronoche says:

    I've spent every penny I have on presents for family and friends, andI really don't think anyone is going to give me a gift this year. In the spirit of unabashed selfishness, I request stuff for my own stocking.

  34. ronoche says:

    I've spent every penny I have on presents for family and friends, andI really don't think anyone is going to give me a gift this year. In the spirit of unabashed selfishness, I request stuff for my own stocking.

  35. Rajni Kalra says:

    I have no idea what to buy my children for Christmas, they like technological stuff but I don't know anything about that so I'm sure anything you have they would appreciate.My son travels for work so I'm sure that he can use the luggage scale. I also haven't been able to work more that a few hours a week or really go out shopping either because of health problems.

  36. niddipav says:

    being in school kind of makes it difficult to have any money for anything but the barest minimum for food and for christmas gifts, but it would be nice to actually have some stuff for myself. I've been needing a new mouse and headphones

  37. voodooaria says:

    So, my flake of a sister has not done any of the shopping that she was suppose to and now it is too late to get much of anything for my family. As of now, I have a robe, a french coffee press, and a laptop charger for my family of 8… I think I need some help!!!

  38. chilepepper says:

    My wife decided my gift to her would be a donation to a local charity. I'd love to get her some gifts anyway, but I'm already delaying her gift to me until a few paychecks after Xmas. There's just nothing in the budget to put something under the tree for her.

  39. Brandi says:

    In short order I broke my car, my tooth, and the house furnace, so even thinking about Christmas shopping got put on hold in the worst way. I'd love to surprise some friends and relatives with swank goodies, even if I have to do it on the Feast of Epiphany..

  40. El Che says:

    Try paying $1000+ dollars in immigration applications, plus rent, new tires for the car, and to top it off I have to get a painful and horrible root canal! at least one prize would be a kick ass Christmas gift for me πŸ™

  41. Loramora says:

    As of right now, my computer screen is littered with college supplements. As a rising college freshman, obviously times are tight. But one of the most unexpected costs is going to be my electronic expenses. All of these gifts would take some of the pressure off my family. And, since they're going to be paying my tuition, I think my parents definitely deserve their share of these presents as well.

  42. Schmidty says:

    I'm in a bind because my list is littered with teenagers – the hardest people to buy for! I know I could find good homes for all of these goodies!

  43. I have already finished my Christmas shopping for this year, but winning this contest would get me started for next year! Lots of nice things that you have there – I can already go down the list and put a name next to each one!

  44. I blew all my money buying Final Fantasy 14 the collector's edition, some pants, and a wine fridge for my brothers and mom, respectively. Let the holiday roll on.

  45. ryanj983 says:

    holy cow ohgizmo you have been stock piling this stuff!! great gifts and sorry not much of a bind here because i am married and lost my shopping privileges with crappy gift ideas over the years. so if anything my dilemma is that i suck at shopping and picking out gifts!

  46. Matt Webb says:

    I would so appreciate this. I'm a terrible gift giver and this would assure that my technical friends would receive GREAT gifts this Christmas!

  47. Matt Webb says:

    I would so appreciate this. I'm a terrible gift giver and this would assure that my technical friends would receive GREAT gifts this Christmas!

  48. akjack says:

    Haven't even started christmas shopping, please help.

  49. Aaron Tate says:

    I desperately need that Future Sonics Atrio. I love mine, and constantly try to recommend them to others, but my debt is so out of control thanks to this crap economy that I can't afford to give them to anyone who would appreciate them.

  50. Joe Myers says:

    I'm heading home for the holidays; first time in three years. Due to budget and the recession, I'm not able to get gifts for my family. I'd love to be able to pass around a few gifts and spread some cheer.

  51. bbxl says:

    I'm in a bind simply because I'm a guy. I'll distribute items among my friends and family.

  52. sacosan says:

    Oh dang Oh Gizmo! I'm in such a stinky pickle this year between no time to shop and low fundage my Christmas is quickly transforming into CrisisMas!. You can save the day and my head from growing grey hair.

  53. J says:

    As an IT student paying for his classes as a labor for a masonry construction company, I've been out of work recently due to the latest Ks. weather. My father passed this past summer and I'd love to be able to help my mom afford gifts for the grand-kids.

  54. tkx says:

    I can't stop reading OhGizmo. I will start my shopping after I read one more OhGizmo post, Ok maybe just 3 more posts, well just 5 more, I mean it this time, ok but 7 is the max for today Then I will start tomorrow after I read a few of the new posts. I am in a bind! or maybe OhGizmo will send me some gifts, ya I am set.

  55. Mark says:

    Hmm, currently in Mexico, but got a US shipping address, does that count? (please say yes, please say yes, please say yes, please say yes)

  56. JMBakker says:

    Santa must be jealous at OhGizmo! right now, great giveaway guys! Now let's hope I'm lucky…

  57. Tim Dressler says:

    um college student…speaks for itself.

  58. I decided this year, that I would hand-make gifts for everyone. I learned how to make hand-tooled leather mugs, flasks and bottles – water-proofed with wax and sealed with food-safe epoxy. The thing is – I ran WAY out of time, it was much more time-consuming than I thought, as each step takes several days of drying time. So I couldn't make anything for my sisters – and I'm going to have to resort to giving them lame gift cards or something. So I'll make you a deal, OhGizmo! I'll make YOU a mug, flask or bottle, tooled with the design of your choice – if you'll help me out with gifts for my sisters in time for Christmas!

  59. Nathan says:

    this comment constitutes my holiday shopping. i hope for only the best.

  60. Nathan says:

    This constitutes my holiday shopping. I hope for the best.

  61. I am a business owner but my wife takes care of all the bills and checking account. I never get any money to buy gifts for anybody. πŸ™

  62. Rage says:

    I've been trying to break into the world of money laundering for quite some time now, and I think these items will be exactly what I need to break through the barriers to entry I've been facing:
    Ten One Design: Pogo Sketch – This will totally fix the issues that I've had in creating a realistic reproduction of Ben Franklin on my iPad
    Smartfish: Whirl Desktop Mouse – When I'm reproducing all of the little lines on a bill, my hands have been locking up, an ergonomic mouse might be just what the doctor ordered
    FUTURE SONICS: Atrio Special Edition (ASE) Earphones – Perfect for looking like I'm just going about my business when making my escape from the country
    XtremeMac: iPod touch 6g and nano 4g cases & iSkin: iPad Duo & AGF: Vandelay – Gotta have a case on your gear with this much ink all over the place, otherwise I can't use my gadgets in the printing area
    IDAPT i4 Universal Desktop Charger – A great device for those grab and go moments when need to get your tech as fast as possible after Virginia farmboys break down your door
    Balanzza: Mini Luggage Scale – Just because I'll be printing my own currency doesn't mean I want to give any of it to the airlines for overweight baggage fees
    Moshi Lifestyle: Moshi Voice Control (VC) Travel Alarm Clock – When you travel with as much cash as I'll be 'making' I want it to sound like there are other people with me to avoid any unwanted guests making unexpected visits
    Swann: PenCam Mini Video Camera & Recorder – Nothing like having a camera monitoring your vehicle to keep 'bugs' from getting in without your knowledge
    Warpia: Wireless USB A/V Adapter – Great for watching the playback from the Swann PenCam on TV rather than my laptop screen
    V-MODA: Remix Remote – The Atrios can stay plugged into my ipad and I can keep these plugged into my phone
    netTALK: DUO – I'll still be able to talk to all of my friends in the States for free, even though I may not be able to go back
    Elgato: Video Capture – I can take all of the shows that are still on my DVR with me when I leave the country
    Zibra: Open It! – Problems opening sealed blister multipacks of ink will be a thing of the past
    CASTIV: The Guitar Sidekick – When I'm on the beach in *insert non-extradition treaty country here* I should have plenty of time for learning some killer riffs
    Grace Digital Audio: Eco Extreme – And when I'm not practicing the guitar on said beach, there's always digital tunes
    Desk Pets: SKITTERBOT – And if the worst were to happen and the money printing fails, I can use my large sheet roll printer as a Skitterbot treadmill

    So you see, I really can't move forward with my plans for printing large quantities of non-sequential high quality bills and then escaping to a foreign nation without these awesome gadgets.

  63. Rbminlv says:

    Lots of nice swag!!

  64. ApertureZombie says:

    This would help since my dad of whom I live with (im 19) got in an accident and had to go in for surgery and as a result hasnt worked since the beginning of summer. So Im mostly hoping for this for my dad.

  65. alexjagendorf says:

    What a perfect time to see this post on OhGizmo. My iphone headphones just broke 2 days ago and as a college student, buying new, quality headphones is not too easy. I'd love to get the Atrio Special Edition (ASE) Earphones for Christmas!

  66. Johnny says:

    cause my girlfriend just broke up with me & i'm broke

  67. Chris says:

    Oh wow, lots of sweet stuff there. I've already done some Christmas shopping, but this would greatly augment the decidedly lame gifts I was planning on giving. The iPod stuff would make a great gift for my brother, who uses them much more than I do, and the travel alarm clock would help me to get up and on the road to the family's for Christmas on time!

  68. AK210 says:

    I'd take anything! I've been good but no one is getting me any presents. I'll take whatever is given just to make me feel better!

  69. Luis says:

    Ah, the bevy of sad stories…some sob stories, some sad stories, some probably true, others who knows…but let's add one more to the list! (all true…with a dash of sad, but 100% sob free): medical student graduating this December. That's me (hero of the story) with tons of loans bearing down on him (villain) and a loving family who is only expecting a smile, some dirty laundry to wash, and quality time away from the hospital for me. How great would it be to be able to show them that I CAN be a gift giver in this holiday season and share some lovely gifts, all with OhGizmo (co-star, I HOPE!) to the rescue? Only You can tell me how this story ends!

  70. jeffmauch says:

    I have an office christmas party on Wednesday the 29th of december for myself and 11 employee's and I can't think of a better way to surprise all of them, than with a bunch of sweet stuff from OhGizmo. I have yet to get them all gifts, but being they are all so unique, I will probably end up getting them all giftcards to starbucks or something. The stuff listed above would easily trump and frap/latte/coffee crap they would get with said giftcard. Please Help a guy out!

  71. Andrew Sorn says:

    I've currently moved out on my own for the first time. Making rent is tough, so getting anyone anything extravagant is a luxury I really don't have lately. My parents have needed a way to use the PC in the living room for as long as I can remember, and short of buying a new PC, the Warpia device seems like a godsend for this.

  72. Etai Kloog says:

    would be a realt time saver since im sooo behind buying gifts as i just came from 2 weeks abroad


  73. metalmancpa says:

    WOW!! That's a great package. Why am I in a bind? That's simple – self employed and upside down in this economy. I can think of many uses for the gadgets in this package – a few to pass on to my kids as gifts as I've taught them to love the electornic toys. With the way I listen to music the Atrios would be sweet; a luggage scale for the traveling I can't afford to do; a mini video cam/recorder to catch people doing something bad; video capture to get some music videos. Oh yeah, I could find a use for most of this toy bag.

  74. Kei Dub says:

    Im in a bind cause I ended my military contract earlier this year, cant find work, cant afford to move away from my old duty station somewhere there are more jobs, and what unemployment I got ran out in November and I cant get it going again till January.

  75. TongBlack says:

    Just found out about some tech-head relatives that will be coming in town for Christmas, so some last-minute gifts would be helpful! My brother as well as several of my good friends are Mac people, so the iPhone/iPod/iPad related items would be pretty cool.

  76. LizM says:

    Sorry, duplicate comment deleted!

  77. LizM says:

    I'm in a bind! I'd give most of these to my gadget-lovin' husband! eemoody77 at gmail dot com

  78. BagofGrabDotCom says:

    My blog doesn't get as much traffic as yours, so I could offer anything you give me as a New Year's gift to my reader. : )

  79. Toonout says:

    I'm in a bind cause, I always wait till the end of the holiday season to buy my holiday gifts and I always end up getting lame stuff. This will help me be less lame thanks…

  80. Yong Pong says:

    My brother loves to travel with his tunes, he did a medical internship in Peru, recently traveled to Europe, Asia, loves to go backpacking, camping, and climbing. Because of all of this travel , he's broken more mp3 players than you can imagine. The eco extreme would be so awesome to give him for Christmas, tunes for him to share as well as protecting his precious mp3 player!

  81. echezeaux says:

    I'm a poor student and visiting a friend over the holidays but spent all my money on the flight. πŸ™ I'd like to have a gift for someone who's into gadgets like the Atrios or the Grace. Thanks for reading this.

  82. Chris says:

    ok so im workin as a mascot right now and i just got paid my small paycheck monday of this week. but i gotta work tomorrow like all day to so i cantshop then so im gonna have to do it all thursday and friday. im in such a pickle so please help a brother out guys.

  83. mrheist says:

    My wife has been suffering from depression and panic attacks for the past month and a half. Being there to take care of her has seriously impeded my ability to go in to work, let alone get Christmas shopping done. My reduced hours and her lack of a job (she was laid off this past summer) has also done a number on the scope of gifts we're able to get for each other and for family.

    The range of these gadgets would be be a huge help in beefing up the little things I've been able to snag for her, as well as help be able to give back more to our families who have been of huge help getting us through all this. So basically I'd use it to spread the love more to the degree I want to, rather than the degree that I am able.

  84. Neil D says:

    Well lets see…

    — a whopping -$97.00 in the bank
    — no Christmas gifts bought for step kids yet
    — almost out of food
    — been out of work for 6 months now and i live in a town where jobs are scarce
    — car payment due… among other bills

    the list goes on. right now i'm so far in debt i couldn't afford a gun to shoot myself, let alone the bullets.

  85. fulltext says:

    My high school age daughter who Ihaven't seen in three years is coming to visit and I've been sick and don't have anything to give her

  86. fulltext says:

    My high school age daughter who Ihaven't seen in three years is coming to visit and I've been sick and don't have anything to give her

  87. fulltext says:

    My high school age daughter who Ihaven't seen in three years is coming to visit and I've been sick and don't have anything to give her

  88. taylorbri says:

    I'm unemployed, married with 3 young children, living at my in-laws house since April. Because we're broke, my wife and I agreed not to give one another gifts this year. Getting some free stuff would be a pleasant surprise. Depending on what we win, it would either go to my spouse or kids. Thanks.

  89. Tonioboss says:

    Hi guyz!
    That's a nice giveaway!
    Does spending xmas eve alone far from family count to be in bid???
    In any case i wish you all to enjoy that coming Christmas and to share love and happiness!!!

  90. artdog123 says:

    My wife and I split up and with the London airports shutting, I can't visit my family until after New years. So there will be no xmas presents for me this year. I could sure use a boost by getting something for xmas.

  91. Always tend to wait until the last minute.

  92. Mash_of_DNA says:

    flu has put a damper on shopping, I NEED this!

  93. Dave Reid says:

    Im in a bind as i have had nothing but rain for the last month and being a photographer meaning i cant shoot cars etc in the wet. Would be great to win something thats for sure.

    Top site great idea cant wait for 2011. Good luck all

    Merry Chrismas to all and have a safe new years.