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Yamaha’s High-Pitched INFOSOUND Can Broadcast Data From Your TV To Your Phone

Yamaha Infosound (Image courtesy AV Watch)
By Andrew Liszewski

For years advertisers have been trying to find ways to enhance TV broadcasts. Commercials are one thing, but being able to sell you the exact suit a stylish character is wearing, or finance a vehicle you see in an exciting car chase has been a dream for them. Microsoft’s old WebTV had features like that, though it wasn’t exactly a runaway success. But this morning Yamaha successfully tested a new concept for passing along extra info to consumers that has a lot of promise. Mostly because it’s completely unobtrusive.

Their new ‘Infosaundo’ or ‘INFOSOUND’ technology broadcasts an inaudible (to humans at least) 18kHz or higher signal that’s picked up by a smartphone’s mic and converted into data, or a URL, or some kind of enhanced data via a special app. The system, which has a range of ~33 feet, isn’t exactly high-bandwidth. It’s limited to a mere 80 bits per second, but that’s more than enough to pass along a web address which can then lead to more downloadable content.

[ (Translated) PR – Infosaundo new acoustic communications technology (INFOSOUND) Announces Demonstration of television ] VIA [ (Translated) AV Watch ]