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XIM3 Is The Next Generation Of Xbox 360 Keyboard & Mouse Adapters

XIM3 Is The Next Generation Of Xbox 360 Keyboard & Mouse Adapters

XIM3 (Image courtesy XIM Technologies)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s not the first keyboard & mouse adapter for the Xbox 360, not even from this company. But XIM Technologies’ new XIM3 adapter looks like the penultimate solution for those who prefer a PC-like FPS experience on their consoles. The most obvious wow factor is a built-in LCD display which lets you customize settings, and select a specific setup for a given title.

Since different games on the 360 each have their own unique feel and control mechanics when it comes to playing, accurately translating the movements from a keyboard and mouse have to be adapted on a game-by-game basis. So the XIM3 uses ‘Smart Translators’ to ensure there’s always 1-to-1 movement between the mouse and your target reticule on-screen, as long as you specify what game you’re playing. The list of supported titles is continually expanding, but it’s safe to assume that more popular titles like Halo and Call of Duty will work perfectly with the XIM3 when it’s finally available for purchase.

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  • Justin Bullock

    I had the XIM2. It worked fantastically! It provides an amazing advantage over the controller. Maybe I'll save some money to buy this one.

  • NeoTechni

    im pissed off he refuses to add ps3 support considering itd actually be easier than xbox since sony doesnt encrypt the controller data