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OhGizmo! Review – Booq Taipan Spacesuit Case Review

OhGizmo! Review – Booq Taipan Spacesuit Case Review

By Caitlyn Muncy

After you drop a few hundred dollars on an iPad, one of the most important things you’ll need to take care of it, is a protective case. You can have that special slot in your bag that keeps it stationary, but with everything exposed there’s still a chance of the face cracking or getting scratched from hitting something else that’s tumbling about in your bag.

The lovely people at Booq sent us a Taipan Spacesuit XS case, which can calm your nerves when tossing your iPad into the madness of this and that, that is your backpack, satchel, etc. Though this isn’t any heavy-duty protection, it will take case of screen scratches, and lessen the impact of your precious technology hitting something.

This particular type of case comes in three different colors: silver with a light blue interior, berry, which is a darker raspberry color with a black interior, and black with a bright pink interior. When closed, the interior color doesn’t show at all (for those of you who are moping about the fact that the black one is tainted with pink). All cases carry the same tidal wave looking design, and two zipper pulls. The material used for these cases is neoprene, and have a silky-soft jersey knit fabric covering. It is excruciatingly soft, and would make a terrific pillow…not that I tried that or anything.

The case measures at about 7.5” W X 10” long, and has a zipper length of about 12”. The sides and bottom are sewn with an outward facing overlock seam that matches the color of the material.

At $30 this is not a bad buy for a little extra protection, but didn’t seem overly appealing to me. The interior is meant to prevent scratches, but the top left and right corners of the iPad can be easily scratched by the zipper if you don’t pull the material out a little when zipping it shut. I actually already have some tiny scratches on those specific corners hitting the zipper. There is also an overly obsessive need to advertise, as there is not only two zipper pulls with logo and name imprinted on it, but a useless, and annoying tag that sits on the case aimlessly. There is also no way to remove said tag as it is sewn into where the zipper was sewn in.

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