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It’s The Holidays: We’re Giving Away A Tokyoflash Kisai Sensai Pure Watch!

It’s The Holidays: We’re Giving Away A Tokyoflash Kisai Sensai Pure Watch!

By David Ponce

It’s the Holidays so of course here at OhGizmo! this means giving back to you, our readers, at least a tiny sliver of the joy you give us with your patronage. We try to do this in the form of giveaways, and we’ve sure had a few so far: the EOS Mixtape Watch (now closed), the Windows Phone 7 (now closed) and the TiVo Premiere (still open, so go comment!). We’re adding one more to that list with the Kisai Sensai Pure watch from Tokyoflash, in black on black.

As any self-respecting geek should, we have a serious love affair with these watches and believe that a line from Wired UK magazine captures their essence quite eloquently: “Tokyoflash has made being obtuse into an art form.” Indeed. So read the rules (they’re always changing a little) and enter for your chance to win!

Rules: 1) Open worldwide!! 2) Leave a comment on this post, but please make it longer than 25 characters (it’ll make your editor happy…). 3) Comments will be closed on December 25 at 11:59pm EST.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Happy Holidays!

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  • Andrew Kerr

    This looks a truly awesome watch, I love the idea that no-one but me will understand what time it might be, which must make it a must have!

  • Matt Farmer

    Sweet, come on guys, I really need a new watch. My old one is over eight years old and smells funny now.

  • Justin Roop

    I love Tokyo flash watches! Its like having art on your wrist! 😀

  • chadmd23

    What a statement you make wearing this. What a crazy design!

  • franciscobolanos

    I've always wanted one of these awesome Tokyoflash watches. It would be sweet to win one! BTW I wish you guys at OhGizmo! the best. This is one of the first websites i check every day.

  • TongBlack

    I'll be honest – those Tokyoflash watches are pretty polarizing. Some of them I love, and others I'm not such a big fan of. This one is pretty awesome. Would love to have it on my wrist!

  • Chris Kristoph Burgess

    To have this watch, damn that would be hot. not only would i have a functioning peace of very cool looking technology but I would be able to trip people out when they ask what the time is and they try and read my watch. Merry Christmas and happy new year OhGizmo you have been a great read this year.

  • Ian Ledbetter

    What an amazing timepiece! Art AND function. What could be better? Merry Christmas to the Oh Gizmo staff(happy holidays if you don't celebrate it).

  • Dan Munchie

    Looks amazing. Would make an awesome Christras present for… myself. Merry Christmas OhGizmo!

  • Nina Wirasatria

    Man … I can't even figure out what time it is (I'll give up in an hour's time and look at the product page). Nevertheless, an awesome looking watch and I'd love to have this as my Christmas present from you awesome guys at OhGizmo! and Tokyoflash. Happy holidays all …

  • facebook-19701276

    How in the world do you calibrate these things? These watches so cool.

  • sario27

    This looks like a pretty awesome watch. Not gonna lie I wouldn't mind having one these. I would have a hard time adjusting to figure what time it is, but that's understandable.

  • Tekunoloji

    I'd love to wear a watch for once. Especially a cool one. A good time piece is a good time piece.

  • karan arora

    I want i want i want.. i remember winning a watch similar to this from the tshirt design contest. It was great quality and still works (2 years old now)

  • Richard Sebastian

    Out of all the stuff you have had that I have wanted this is one I do not want.

  • Richard Sebastian

    Out of all the gifts you have given away, that I have wanted this is one that I do not want. Good luck to you all.

  • James Lim

    As a man who has been searching for watches recently, I would love to win this. As a man who never wins drawings, I congratulate the winner.

  • Kylie-Ree Dean

    I'm Geeking out!

  • Stoyan Momchilov

    I have the very same watch and it's awesome. Let's see what are the chances of getting a second watch.

  • James Parker

    I was given the Tokyoflash “Infection” watch as a gift last Christmas. I absolutely love that watch, and am so glad I was able to get it before it ceased production!

    I am diggin the look of this new model too. So here's to hoping 2010 is an OhGizmo Christmas for me! 🙂

  • Kuba Ziemba

    Since I have broken my Thermidor years ago I have never had a watch. Never was a big fan of quartz watches, but this one is special indeed. I like the all black designe, I am curious what these lights mean (or how exactly they tell time). So yes – I want it. Your turn!

  • Esteban Torres Hernández

    Since I was't able to enter the contest for the EOS Mixtape Watch due to the fact that it wasn't worldwide, when I realized this contest was open to everyone I felt so joyed!!

    Please, make a fan/reader REALLY happy by giving him this watch for Christmas 🙂

  • krommagnus

    Always have been a fan of the Tokyoflash watches. They may be a bit odd but around the office they are always conversation starters. Pick me please. Happy holidays to everyone on the OhGizmo! staff, and all the readers.

  • facebook-32403650

    – Very curious about this one….. looks very cool, enter me into the fray, please!

  • Erin Frances Baker

    Dear mysterious obese man dressed in red with a face consumed with hair, I have been very well behaved this year and would love a kisai sensai pure watch for Christmas please.
    …I won't eat your cookies.

  • techg33k

    These types of watches are freakin' sw000000000000t! I've always wanted one but all Santa ever brings me is gift cards to all my parents favorite restaurants… 🙁

  • david hoffman

    I wore a watch similar to this for about a year and a half, but I never bothered to figure out how to read it. Now that I've learned how to read it, I want this watch!!!

  • chilepepper

    I think this would be the best post Xmas present EVAR.

  • Patman

    Well, this would certainly be a nice addition to the watch collection – and definitely the most gadgety by far!

  • kolbenson

    This thing would look so awesome on my wrist…. Plus, I heard that these super geeky watches drive the ladies wild.

  • Steven Yetter

    I love watches and I love Oh Gizmo. It is the third website I go to every morning. Google news and aintitcoolnews are right in front of you, fyi. I cannot appreciated the gizmos you introduce me too, I am a tech fanatic and your stuff blows my mind in a good way.
    thx, spy

  • sacosan

    Not only is this wicked design but, it can also make the streets safer. Let's say you're at the bar and starting to get a bit loaded on Eggnog, you hear the dreaded LAST CALL and quickly look to your (hopefully my) Sensai Pure watch to confirm the time but the blinking lights mean nothing in your inebriated state. This means one thing: When you can't read the time, it's time to call cab!
    Thanks Tokyofaksh and OhGizmo for making the streets safer!

  • AL

    I would like to win this watch from Tokyo Flash. It's a unique design and it would go well with my watch collection. Great Christmas gift.

  • Nathan Jackson

    How can any self respecting geek NOT love this watch? It is both beautiful and capable of screening potential mates. How?- 1. Wear the watch to a club or bar. 2. Conspicuously look at your watch. 3. Wait for reactions. 4. Any girl who can tell what time it says is a keeper! Any girl who can't tell what time it is but asks you to explain it is a keeper! Any girl who looks at your watch and makes eye contact with you is a keeper! Any girl who glances at your watch and tries to run away from you but is slower than you is a keeper!…Please give me this watch. Please. I need a girlfriend so badly…

  • Gomer_Pyle

    I have missed these Tokyo Flash watches here on OhGizmo, and I've missed the WorldWide giveaways even more. So here's a loud and happy; Hooray!, for their return. If the gods are with me on this one, I will finally be wearing a watch again, for the first time since the Nokia 2110 was born.

  • lost_and_wandering

    THe world-wide give-away is great. Winters in Canada can be a bit bleak; thanks for brightening it up! Actually, I really enjoy your feed everyday. I've given up on mainstream news, preferring to read about the latest in gizmos. Thanks.

  • Nathan Venz

    Oh, I love that watch! I know just the person I would give that to!

  • Das

    I have always wanted one of these watches but i could never figure out which one to get. along that line whenever i look at the site it seems the only ones i want also happen to be the ones they don't make anymore. When will i learn my lesson and just buy one when i like it before it goes extinct ><

  • Gordon

    I've always loved these TokyoFlash watches — my only gripe is none of them display Military Time (because what blows the mind of a person trying to decipher the time on these watches? Trying to decipher the time on a 24 hour clock. 23:59:59 FTW!)

  • Pierre Johansson

    I love beeing a geek and this watch would for sure mark me as the biggest geek forever amongst my friends, so please let me win!

  • strale

    The thing about watches is, that I always must see them on my wrist first…

  • strale

    The thing about watches is, that I always must see them on my wrist … not that I wouldn't love a watch as a gift though 🙂

  • StratMan9000

    This may be even more cryptic than my binary watch! Though probably not, as I could explain how to read this to somebody else.

  • Johnnymac4242

    I've loved tokyoflash's stuff for quite some time, but haven't been able to justify the cost of a new watch. I've got two traditional watches that were given to me as gifts, so I couldn't feel ok about spending money on another one, but as a gift, it'd be amazing.

  • jonnyjang

    Friend: “Cool watch – what time is it?” Me: “Ummmm…it's…ummm…hold on, let me see…well, it's now plus five minutes while I remember how to use this.”

  • Scott

    That is a nice looking watch! Normally I can't wear watches, the feeling of something encircling my wrists brings up some bad memories. Although for something that could hold it's own as a sculpture piece, I'd adapt.

  • ABSpiker

    That watch has a very nice design. The worldwide giveaway is great. I really need a new watch. Happy holidays.

  • MOBU

    Must have this watch, Tokyo Flash watches always look so cool. The first thought I had when I saw it, for some reason was of the gizmo Al carried around in Quantum Leap.

  • howling_mad_murdock

    These watches really aren't too complicated to read once you own it and play with it for a while. I bought one a few years back that I still wear even though it looks like a house arrest anklet.

  • ronoche

    These watches are such a conversations starter. I covet the Tokyoflash cool factor.

  • Thomas James Mathew

    This is a fantastic idea – anyone with experience in reading these… unconventional watch displays? I imagine you'd get used to it after a while, like anything – either way, it's a seriously cool piece of wrist bling.

    Can has?

    *puppy dog eyes*

  • Thomas James Mathew

    Also – thank you so much for extending this competition worldwide! Too many sites are overly US-centric, but you guys do not disappoint 🙂

  • rWatcher

    That is a cool looking watch. I would love to have one of those.

  • rWatcher

    That is a cool looking watch. I would love to have one of those.

  • James

    I love watches…This watch looks like a cross between the Terminator and Times Square….cool..

  • ryanj983

    one of these days i am going to figure out how to read these. i would like one of these just for when some one asks what time it is i will just throw it in front of them just to see their reaction then shrug my shoulders and walk away.

  • Frederik Nørgaard

    Damn, i love those crazy looking watches !! Would be awesome to have one, but will i win ?

    Happy holidays from Denmark

  • ericl5112

    Despite the fact that I have no clue how to read this watch, I would love to own it. I've owned some peculiar watches, and this one would be great to add to that. The looks you get when wearing somethng like this are pure gold.

  • bbxl

    I've been enamored of many TokyoFlash watches for years. This would be a wonderful start to a collection of their fine examples.

  • jason

    Since I never got my Ferrari controller………I would be happy to call us square, even or paid up if i “won” this watch. Hell, I'd go as far as saying that I would owe you guys. Whatdaya think??

  • mandarea

    I have lusted after one of these watches for so long!! The geeky girl inside just squealed a lil bit!

  • ApertureZombie

    Maybe my luck will change and I might actually win this beautiful specimen of a watch.Fingers crossed!

  • cool dude

    Mushi mushi ! Ano… Anatawa very want this Kisai Sensai Pure Watch-o, puretti prease-o?
    Ano… Merry Kurismos-o and happy holidays-o !
    Ho Ho Ho -o. =D

  • Gavin

    I have ordered a watch from this company before. They are very different and a great conversational piece. I would love to get my hands on another.

  • Vivian Teh

    Eeny, meeny, miny, moe,
    Catch the Kisai Sensai Pure by my finger,
    Please give it to me for my X'mas present,
    Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, you(Kisai Sensai Pure) are mine!

  • Kawoogie

    Sweet! Looks like something a robot should wear! Just as cryptic and awesome as their other watches! I like it!

  • samybelteton

    As a watch fanatic I'm still haven't gotten one of these yet BUT you could change that

  • JTL

    i always wondered what the hype is and the more i see and read about it, the deeper down the rabbit hole i get! now i really want to get my hands on one! Happy Holidays and keep up the blogging in 2011!

  • PhilipYappy

    ~When I stumbled across this post I thought about what It would be like to win one of these contests. I imagined receiving this in the mail, and opening it up. Wearing this out and witnessing my friends reaction when I tell the time with my weird but totally appropriate Kisai Sensai Pure Watch. You'd make my holidays so much better. :S

  • PhilipYappy

    Agreed, and I too need a girlfriend 😀

  • PhilipYappy

    Yes, I understand, I feel your pain. Too often competitions exclude us foreigners.

  • Michael Godfrey

    Woah this would totally make my day guys! What a wonderful Christmas present from Ohgizmo to it's readers

  • Marsu

    m bnvtykv66666666666666666666666666666666666666666666666

    -Gregor, 10 months

  • echezeaux

    why do people make these things harder and harder to read?

  • relawson

    nice! … but i'm going to have to hop to their website to figure out just how to read it haha!

  • Nuno Cruz

    Awesome, I want it! Please please please make it mine :>

  • none

    Here are my 25 characters

  • none

    exactly 25 characters +-0

  • none

    25 more that fits exactly

  • none

    it takes some word skills

  • C. B. Dragon

    I don't know if a Tokyoflash is a particularly useful watch, but it does look so purdy…

  • fatima

    I really really really really really want this.

  • Jacob Kulik

    Nice watch! Good job Tokyoflash!

  • dashinb

    I'd love to hook up a sweet soundboard and terrorize the office mates with the LED likes of this watch….please let me hooligan!

  • Luis

    OhGizmo…you and your generosity! All geeks in the room raise your hands…how many of those hands have a TokyoFlash watch?? Hopefully mine will soon!!

  • Audrey

    Watch, watch, you are so neat. Let me win you, i will feel complete.
    I wish to give it to my man-friend. Because it is the coolest new trend!
    Fancy and futuristic, pleasing to the eye. Everyone should wear one, even Bill Nye!

  • Audrey

    Watch, watch, you are so neat. Let me win you, i will feel complete.
    I wish to give it to my man-friend. Because it is the coolest new trend!
    Fancy and futuristic, pleasing to the eye. Everyone should wear one, even Bill Nye!

  • petermclean

    I'm not a geek. I won't claim to be a nerd. Sure, I've been living at my parents' house playing GT5 in their basement for the past few weeks. But what I really need are friends. You see, I spent the summer bicycling across the country (hint: this country has 10 provinces and is wider than the United States) by myself. I hardly spoke to a soul (possibly because of body odour, or the crazed look of a scraggly bearded, dehydrated nut ball). My only human contact some days was texting a friend to let him post my whereabouts on my blog so my family still knew I was alive. And now I'm moving to the other side of the country, away from my family, and away from my texting friend. Had I had a watch like this on my trip, I might have been fed on the side of the road more. Maybe I would have even spoken to a young woman! But we'll never know that becaue it's in the past.
    I'm not going to die if I don't win this contest. But I never have a friend. What better way to make friends is there than to have a sweet time-piece like this strapped to my wrist? And this way, when I move 4000 miles away, I might be able to have more friends than that one text messaging friend and my grandma (who said I can call her collect!).

  • EspritOuvert

    I'm not even sure what 25 characters would look like, but hopefully this is enough.

  • Jeremy Logan

    Watches are the best.
    Especially from Japan.
    I hope to win one.

  • Jeremy Logan

    Watches are the best.
    Especially from Japan.
    I hope to win one.

  • petermclean

    Nice Haiku. Culturally appropriate.

  • Rob

    Yeah that'll look good on my wrist.

  • Loramora

    Very cool watch… I would definitely like it!

  • UlyssesC

    I do have to admit I love all the watches that tokyo flash comes out with, real unique. I would say its as nice as the mixtape watch. Its not to hard to tell the time either from what I see and the band is sleek to make it look like its once piece. 🙂

  • Sevron Arcticswift

    this watch is totally rad, it will replace my casio databank that the strap just broke on if i win it, im strange, i forget theres a clock on my phone constantly and turn to a real hardware watch when i want the time.

  • Ziyed Manoubi

    I'd love to have it, normally i can't enter any contests because i'm from belgium (europe) but this time it's worldwide 🙂

  • Sammy Najar

    This is the King of Geeks Watch.

    The first super power it gives to his bearer is “time keeper”. No one around you will ever know what time it is using this watch, except you!

    The second super power, you can claim that you have been inside Tron and this watch is proves you beat the game.

    The final super power, all geek will be under you power since is the one. It is say in the ancient script:

    One watch to rule them all, One watch to find them,
    One watch to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
    In the Land of the matrix where the Shadows lie.

  • India Green

    Ooh I love this watch! When people ask me the time I can say “time for you to get a watch as rad as mine!”

  • Rob Green

    Finally a international competition that I can enter…
    And if I win, then I have all that shipping time to work out how the watch *actually* works 😀

  • petermclean

    I don't get it. Why are there so many people who want a watch that they can't tell time with? Use your powers of logic, math, and deduction to see if you can figure it out. If all else fails, go to the Tokyoflash website and read the whole article detailing how to tell time on this watch. And if you can't be bothered to do that, I suppose you aren't reading this either.

  • Martin Murd

    Hello and Happy 24th of December to all.

    I still wish for TokyoFlash Rogue , but i am willing to give a chance to Sensai!

  • Ziyed Manoubi

    How many times may you actually comment?

  • Ziyed Manoubi

    If there isn't a limit

  • Ziyed Manoubi

    I'll just keep commenting

  • Ziyed Manoubi

    that way

  • Ziyed Manoubi

    I increase my

  • Ziyed Manoubi

    chances of winning

  • Ziyed Manoubi

    haven't notice

  • Ziyed Manoubi

    have a purpose

  • Ziyed Manoubi

    Now i always

  • petermclean

    If I'm not chosen as the randomly generated winner of this contest, Merry Christmas everyone. If I am chosen as the randomly generated winner of this contest, Merry Christmas everyone!

  • guy

    this watch looks very scifi like. looks like it activates and monitors a jetpack temp and fuel. as a famous hero would say, “its turbo time!” but no one wants booster.

  • mmmpizza

    If you didn't win the watch but still want one, you can get $10 off any TokyoFlash watch with the coupon code JOSES.

  • mmmpizza

    if you guys didn't win the watch but still want one use the coupon code JOSES to get $10 off any tokyoflash watch, at checkout.