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Impressively Detailed LEGO T-800 Terminator Bust

LEGO T-800 Terminator Bust (Image courtesy Flickr)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s been a while since we’ve posted an awesome LEGO creation, which of course is way too long! So here’s Flickr user thire5’s incredibly detailed T-800 Terminator bust complete with glowing red eyes and a display stand featuring piles of tiny LEGO skeletons. Awesome! No other description is provided, but in this case, it’s not needed. And we seriously hope they’re not throwing in the towel at this point. We want to see the whole thing completed!

LEGO T-800 Terminator Bust (Image courtesy Flickr)

[ Flickr – thire5 – LEGO T-800 Terminator Bust ] VIA [ Coudal ]