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Samurai Sword Toothpick Holder Lets You Go All Ronin On That Stuck Popcorn Husk

Samurai Sword Toothpick Holder (Images courtesy the Japan Trend Shop)
By Andrew Liszewski

Can’t say I’ve ever thought about using the favored weapon of feudal Japan to pick my teeth, but I guess if it’s good enough to eviscerate one’s enemies, it has to be good enough to dislodge an annoying popcorn husk. But since the art of samurai sword making is almost dead, you’ll have to settle for these novelty toothpick holders instead.

The scabbard can store up to 3 toothpicks (3?! wow!) which can be inserted into the handle making it easier to dislodge a piece of meat, or procure a chunk of cheese from a platter. Available in a set of 2, which includes white and black handles, the swords are made from Cyprus wood and can be found at the Japan Trend Shop for $84. And even at that price you have to provide your own toothpicks.

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