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Sculpteo Prints 3D Figures From A Pair Of Pictures

Sculpteo Prints 3D Figures From A Pair Of Pictures

By Chris Scott Barr

Have you ever thought it would be cool to have a statue made of yourself? Yeah, I’m not really one for big bronze statues either. I think the most I’d want is a small figure of myself. Apparently it’s not that hard to get one made. The people over at Sculpteo can whip one up in two weeks, using only a couple of photos.

All you need to do is upload a pair of face shots, one from the front and a profile. They’ll then create a figure based on what you’ve sent. Once this is done, you’ll receive a picture of the created figure which you can then approve. 10 days later you’ll have a figure on your doorstep. Figures start at $75 for a 2.7-inch, or you can upgrade to a 3.9-inch for $130.

I’m actually testing the service, and I’ll give you guys an update when I receive my 3D avatar. Now I just have to go find a couple of good pictures!

via [ Sculpteo ]

  • Eric de Jesus

    Wow this can be a cool Christmas gift. But if i were to send one now, it will be delayed until new year… that sucks. Isn't there any rush service?? and does it differ from country to country?
    The output looks good and funny. I've seen “Mini-me” type sculptures before and this is one uses a very unique way of making a smaller version of you. I'm used to the manual sculpting that also takes about two weeks to do.