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iPadLock Keeps Your iPad Securely In Place

iPadLock Keeps Your iPad Securely In Place

By Chris Scott Barr

The iPad is one of those devices that’s too big to fit in your pocket, but still small enough for someone to easily swipe off of a table or desk. The really bad part is that there is absolutely no way of securing the gadget to a specific spot, unlike a laptop that has a security lock slot. So what do you do? Either don’t let it out of your sight, or buy a case that can be locked down.

This iPadLock is a case that features a security lock slot, which can be used with a standard laptop locking cable to lock the device to a table or other fixture. What seems strange is that the case is made of plastic (though it is advertised as a “hard” plastic). Would it really be so hard to break off part of the case that is attached to the cable? That seems like a security risk to me. If you think that is enough to deter would-be thieves, you can get the case by itself for $40, or bundled with a cable for $65.

[ Maclocks ] VIA [ Gearlog ]


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