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Ever Wonder What A 100-Year-Old Tree Might Be Thinking? Well This One Now Has A Voice

Ever Wonder What A 100-Year-Old Tree Might Be Thinking? Well This One Now Has A Voice

EOS Talking Tree (Image courtesy EOS Magazine)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not sure it would be so awesome if trees could really talk. I think they’d do a lot of complaining and would be kind of preachy about the environment and stuff. So thankfully this 100-year-old tree, living on the outskirts of Brussels, is the closest we’ve got to that. And it can only say so much. Thanks to EOS Magazine the tree has been outfitted with a large box high up on its trunk that includes a fine dust meter, an ozone meter, a light meter, a weather station, a webcam, a microphone and most importantly, a wireless internet connection.

All of the data coming from that box is translated into human-like thoughts which are posted on the tree’s website at Recently it lamented that it “miss the days when people were riding horses and the air was clean” (see? I told you!) but it also posts videos, stills and even audio recordings of what it experiences day in and day out. You can even follow it on Twitter, friend it on Facebook or check out its Flickr gallery.

[ Talking Tree ] VIA [ designboom ]

  • EspritOuvert

    I'm not sure how much better horses smelled back then.

  • Harry Campbell

    ITS A FUCKING TREE. Biggest waste of time and effort I have seen in my entire fucking life…

  • esarphie

    Yeah, so much better back in the days of horses, wood-burning ovens and heaters, coal fired engines and all the rest of it. Most trees would love the idea of being chopped up and burnt, or cooked down for charcoal… and the soot? Ooooh, being soot-covered must be the tree's fondest wish.

    What is it with people always thinking that this exact moment must be the worst, when usually the exact opposite is true?

  • Eric de Jesus

    At least they're studying what the tree feels by examining its reactions to the surroundings. I've heard of cars tweeting. But trees? it sounds funny if you think of it. is the installed tweeting message from the tree pre-written already or are the people studying the tree the one's who's writing it?