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Deal Of The Day: Save $1,420 On Lenovo Dual-Screen ThinkPad

Deal Of The Day: Save $1,420 On Lenovo Dual-Screen ThinkPad

By David Ponce

We looked at a dual-screen laptop at CES 2010, but it wasn’t from Lenovo, it was from Onkyo. Which doesn’t really matter, but I had to say it anyway. There is something oddly satisfying about a laptop that doesn’t absolutely need two screens, but does have them. It’s like cupholders, or burgers: one is good, two is better. The ThinkPad W701ds is a dual-screened, rather expensive $3,719 laptop that mercifully is getting a massive price cut today. Lenovo is cutting $420, and you can apply a chunky $1,000 coupon to bring the damage down to $2,299. It’s still a lot of money, but remember: two screens.

And not only that. You get a free upgrade to 4GB DDR3 memory & 500GB 7200RPM Hard Drive. Other specs as follows:

It is equipped with Quad Core i7 processor, 17″ WUXGA RGB-LED display + 10.6″ WXGA LED backlit retractable screen to add 39% more viewing area. It also comes with Nvidia Quadro FX 2800M 96-core 1GB graphics, Fingerprint reader, Ultranav + Number pad.

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