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Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 HISTORY Edition Crafted With T-Rex Teeth And Meteors

Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 HISTORY Edition (Images courtesy Stuart Hughes)
By Andrew Liszewski

Stuart Hughes’ latest luxury abomination creation is the iPhone 4 HISTORY Edition pictured above. What sets it apart from the iPhone 4 you walk out of the Apple Store with is that it’s been bedazzled with 8.5ct internally flawless diamonds around the bezel, as well as covering the Apple logo on the back. But the reason it will appeal to history buffs with more money than taste is that the back also features a finish made from a meteor AND a T-Rex tooth. Not even Romain Jerome has managed to create a luxury watch with both prehistoric and intergalactic materials. Only 10 of the special edition iPhones are being created, with a price tag of ~$62,700(£39,995) each.

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