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XtendPlay Makes Your Controller Bigger, Which Is Apparently A Good Thing

XtendPlay Controller Accessory (Images courtesy Xwerx)
By Andrew Liszewski

When the Xbox 360’s controller design was revealed a lot of gamers were relieved that it didn’t inherit the original Xbox controller’s morbidly obese genes. But the people who thought up the XtendPlay accessory were clearly not among the happy. Available for the Xbox 360 and the PS2/3, the XtendPlay looks like it might be concealing a keyboard, extra buttons or maybe even a place to pour some dip. But allow me to quash those theories.

It’s basically just a foam extension that supposedly provides a more comfortable and relaxing way to hold either controller, even making it easier to rest on your gut. The website makes some analogy that gaming without XtendPlay is like old-timey baseball when fielders didn’t wear gloves, resulting in many errors. So apparently with it attached to your controller you won’t immediately be decimated by 10 year-olds when you play Halo online. Whether or not that justifies the $19.99 price tag for a chunk of foam (available in 2 weeks) is up to you.

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