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Who Would Have Thought That Shelving Could Ever Be Fun To Play With?

Who Would Have Thought That Shelving Could Ever Be Fun To Play With?

DreiX Balanced Shelf (Images courtesy Christian Kim)
By Andrew Liszewski

This DreiX shelving, designed by Christian Kim, features a unique spinning design that allows the three cubby holes to be aligned either vertically, horizontally or even diagonally, depending on the vibe you’re feeling each day. Or, if you’re like me, you simply like the idea of being able to give it a good spin every time you walk past it on the way to the bathroom. I’m not sure if the spinning mechanism is counter weighted or tensioned so that the shelving always stays where you leave it, otherwise you’ll have to ensure your books and knick-knacks are evenly distributed among the boxes. Or, don’t even worry about that at all since it’s just a design concept and you can’t actually buy one.

[ MoCo Loco – DreiX – A Balanced Shelf by Christian Kim ] VIA [ Blue Ant Studio ]

  • Eric de Jesus

    I like the idea of shelves rolling on the side. It makes the room look cool but a bit dangerous for children. Children might play with this one and end up bumping a rotating shelf onto their head. But still this installment is ingenious. O yes. Another concern for me in this invention is What will the book's arrangement be like after it got rotated. would it move from their place?