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Cau Table Lamp Makes Your Hanging Work Light Aesthetically Pleasing

Cau Table Lamp (Images courtesy Daily Icon)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m not saying there’s anything specifically wrong with using one of those caged hanging work lights. They’ve obviously found themselves a niche in workshops and garages, and they’re a perfect example of form following function. But thanks to designer Marti Guixé, you can now use them to light your living room as well, even if you’re not going for that industrial look.

His Cau Table lamp is basically just a turned aluminum shade, available in white or brown. that features a hidden support for hanging a work light. Think of it as a design avatar that disguises an ugly duckling as a beautiful swan. Or, think of it as a way for Marti Guixé to make ~$850 (€645) from two pieces of rolled aluminum.

[ Cau Table Lamp ] VIA [ Daily Icon ]

  • Franco1975

    Still ugly ….