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The Office Music Democratizer For LastFM & Pandora

The Office Music Democratizer For LastFM & Pandora

Office Music Democratizer (Images courtesy BreakfastNY)
By Andrew Liszewski

Office music politics always ends up being either a dictatorship, whether ruled by a local radio station or that guy with the really nice speakers, or a collection of independent states where everyone simply wears headphones and listens to what they want. Neither seem that beneficial to fostering a teamwork mentality, so BreakfastNY created the Office Music Democratizer which gives everyone a vote regarding what they do or don’t like when it comes to music.

Their solution is a light up set of buttons on the wall that allows anyone in the office to either like or dislike the song currently being played by LastFM or Pandora. Hitting the like button increases the song’s rating, while hitting the dislike button immediately causes it to jump to the next track. I can still see this solution as being problematic as haters will readily jump up to skip the current song, but since everyone in the office has the same powers, hopefully it will indeed lead to some manner of democracy among the people.

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