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Pajama Warming Pouch

Pajama Warming Pouch

Pajama Warming Pouch (Image courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer)
By Andrew Liszewski

I’m constantly amazed at Hammacher Schlemmer’s ability to find things I never knew I needed. For instance, did you know that the same amazing technology that can warm your towels can also be applied to one’s pajamas? Using a heating element that can warm up to 118º F while only drawing just 50 watts, this fleece covered pouch with its “thermal satin interior” is able to toast your pajamas in just 10 minutes! It of course can also be used to heat up other garments like gloves or scarves, and I like that Hammacher’s website points out that it can be folded up for easy travel, because I assume once you try an evening with warmed pajamas, you’ll never be able to live without that luxury ever again. $39.95.

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